Turkish Citizenship Thourgh Residence
Turkish Citizenship by Residence

The principles regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are included in the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 and the Regulation on the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law.
The application authority for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through residence is the governorates where the settlement is located. This application cannot be made through our Foreign Representations.
A foreigner who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship through residence may acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the Ministry of Interior if he / she meets the following conditions. However, fulfilling the conditions sought does not give the person an absolute right to acquire citizenship.
a) backwards five years from the date of application to have uninterrupted residence in Turkey
b) To have the power to differentiate according to its own national law and stateless Turkish Law No 4721
c) He decided to settle in Turkey; to apply family to acquire Turkish citizenship, to acquire immovable property in Turkey, build a business, investing, trading and transporting of the business center of Turkey, work on-site business, subject to a work permit and to be reaffirmed with similar behavior
d) Not to have any contagious disease that may pose a danger to the environment and public health in terms of general health,
e) To show that they have good morality by acting with the sense of responsibility required to live together in society, to give confidence to their environment with their behaviors, not to have bad habits that are not welcome by society and contrary to the values ​​of society,
f) To be able to speak Turkish at a level to adapt to social life
g) to ensure the livelihood of one in Turkey is obliged to look at himself and his profession or income or make a commitment made to believe that it will provide the first-degree relatives of livelihood,
h) There shall be no obstacle in terms of national security and public order.
i) Foreigners wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship may be required to withdraw from the state citizenship they carry together with the above-mentioned conditions. The determination of the principles regarding the exercise of this discretion is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

Note: Compulsory public service, excluding education and health reasons, deemed resident stays outside Turkey cuts in excess of a total of 180 days in the last five years. In case of applications for residence permit or transition to another residence permit, those who have been interrupted during the period of residence are not taken into account. In the calculation of uninterrupted residence permit periods, all of the residence permits are counted. Work permit and “Work Permit Exemption Confirmation Document” periods are included in the total period in the calculation of residence permit periods 13/23. Residence permits obtained through contractual marriage and subsequently canceled are not taken into account in the collection of residence permits.