Company Establishment

Necessary steps and procedures for the establishment of foreign capital companies

Basically, as in every company establishment, the title of the company,
the scope of the activity, the center, who the manager / representative
should be, capital and shares should be determined. Opening a bank
account via the Potential Tax ID (depending on the type and capital
amount of the company) 1/4 of the New Partnership capital (25%) s
required. The notarized copies of the Company's documents must be
registered in the central registry system and the documents listed below
should be submitted to the trade registry office:
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration,
  • Organization notification form,
  • Notarized company main contract,
  • If the foreign partner is a real person, a notarized passport copy and a potential tax number
  • Notarized translation of the activity certificate and record summary issued by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry or the Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Commerce, which contains the apostille of a foreign legal entity,
  • Notarized translated power of attorney given to the real person who will carry out the establishment transactions,
  • Declaration of signature of the Notarized Officials under the title of the company (registration request),
  • Collected stamped and signed bank statements
  • Four of the ten thousand of the capital were collected in the account of the Competition Authority.
  • Registration of the Chamber of Commerce.
the original of the documents at this point having the citizenship of foreign countries can be seen to be
built on private legal entities in these countries with real people bought the apostille annotation of these
documents to be arranged outside Turkey, it must be approved by the consulate or notarized translations.
potential tax number must be obtained from the relevant tax office for non-Turkish citizens.
After the completion of all these transactions, the company will gain legal personality from the registration
of the
trade registry office. Subsequent actions such as issuing signature circulars to the manager or representative,
book certificates, and obtaining a tax plate may be carried out.
In addition, a copy of the "Company and Branch Establishment Notification Form and Petition" filled out at
the establishment stage of Trade Registry Office, the company shall send a copy of any amendments to the
articles of association which are subject to registration and announcement to the Ministry of Economy.
In addition, the information regarding the capital and activities of foreign capital companies is annually based
on the "Activity Information Form for Foreign Direct Investment" and at the latest by the end of May every
year. information regarding the payments made to the capital account "Within the framework of the" Capital
Data Form for Foreign Direct Investment ", within 1 month following the payment and for the local or foreign
shareholders' share of the share transfer to any domestic or foreign investor among them or outside of the
company. Within the frame of "Share Transfer Information Form" and within the period of one month
following the share transfer, the General Directorate of Incentive Application and Foreign Capital is obliged
to notify.